The Tories to “smother” Alliance member.

Monday, March 14 2005 @ 07:16 MST

Contributed by: evilscientist

I was listening to the radio this morning as is my habit and the CBC had a story on the single Alberta Alliance member, Paul Hinman, of the legislature. Basically, the story was saying that the governing PC\'s find the Alliance member\'s presence an irritant.

Now it\'s well known that I find not only the Alliance an irritant, but the PC\'s as well. What\'s different is the way I deal with people from these parties. Since I believe in democracy, I think that if the people have selected someone, then that\'s the way it shall be. That\'s not the way the PC\'s think apparently. Based on their comments to Mr. Hinman, which he was talking about in the story, the Alberta Tories would appear to believe they have some divine right to be the government. The Tories have assigned no less than three of their MLA\'s to scour Mr. Hinman\'s riding to bring it back “into the fold”. Nothing really wrong there, just politics, but it is interesting to note they haven\'t done this for any other riding that didn\'t vote PC in the last election. Further, Tory MLA\'s have been telling Mr. Hinman, to his face, that they will smother him, bury him, suffocate him. They have said that “they\'ll make it so cold for him he\'ll come running back to them”.

And the Tories wonder why people are being turned off of them.

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