I can hear Bishop Henry\'s anus clenching from here.

Monday, May 09 2005 @ 02:25 MDT

Contributed by: evilscientist

So Mrs. Evil and I are watching the television last night when a commercial for the latest Scott Thompson vehicle airs. For those of you unfamiliar with Scott Thompson, he is best known as one of the Kids in the Hall comedy ensemble and is openly gay. What will cause Bishop Henry some ire is the new show. Basically it\'s a reality show, hosted by Thompson, following gay men through the lead up to their weddings. I\'m sure that Bishop Henry is penning his vitriol on the subject as we speak, not to mention the rest of the homophobic religious right. I have no doubt that the local Global affiliate will be deluged with angry letters and phone calls from the sheeple about the “moral outrage” the show will cause and it leading to “the end of western civilization”.

Personally, I couldn\'t really care less about the show. I\'m not a huge fan of reality TV, and yet another show affects me not. It will be interesting, however to watch the reaction to this particular show. Especially out here in Alberta, where open minds are as rare as duck billed platypuses.

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