Long, long weekend.

Tuesday, February 21 2006 @ 01:03 MST

Contributed by: evilscientist

It's time for an I had toast, it was crunchy post. I, like most others had a long weekend this past weekend. Though really my weekend started two days earlier than other. First, I had teachers' convention on Thursday and Friday. Though technically work, it doesn't really seem like it while you're trolling the trade show and sitting through sessions. Most of the sessions were OK, but a couple were quite good.

The first good session was on Thursday where Maude Barlow gave a talk about the increasing corporatization of our society, specifically as it comes to education. Her talk was informative with much information on how the corporate agenda is attempting to eliminate the public commons, ala the Fraser Institute's ideal of every litre of air and water being owned.

The second good session was with Lesra Martin. Lesra's session was on the power of the human spirit and how one person can make a difference. It was a wonderful experience to listen to someone who has such a positive outlook on life, despite a past that could have led to quite a different conclusion.

Friday I went to archery with quixote and garething after sampling some fine Caribbean cuisine at the Roti Hut. Leaving archery early I went to my Friday night curling draw. My league is now in the playoffs and my team has ended up in the A division (a scary place to be). We won our game on Friday which makes us 1-1-1 for the playoffs. Enough to tie us (team Depalme) for second place.

Saturday saw me heading out to Supertrain, a large annual model railroad show here in cowtown. Saw some excellent layouts, bought a N scale steam locomotive and chatted with some people I know in the various clubs. A fine afternoon, all in all.

Sunday I went out picture taking, mostly I did a study of the downtown core. I did get some great shots though, here's one:

Monday, being a holiday, I slept in! Then while I was waiting for Mrs. Evil to wake up (Mrs. Evil works night shifts) I designed a reflective sensor for model railroads. Then Mrs. Evil and I went on a drive and then for supper. At supper I realized I had a condo board meeting and we zipped home after supper so I could attend the meeting. After watching some TV, it was off to bed and the end of an eventful weekend.

Well it's back to work now, only four days to the weekend!

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