Almost done!

Thursday, March 09 2006 @ 03:02 MST

Contributed by: evilscientist

Well, it's Thursday, the second last day of the competition. Only one day of competition left and then it's home. So far the individual, mass start sprint and relay races have been completed. Just the patrol races tomorrow and then Saturday it's off home. The competition has been good. The weather has, until today been great. Today it was misting rain during the morning which made it cold and miserable on the range. It stopped raining by noon and the afternoon was good.

In other news I heard from Mrs. Evil that a lawyer involved with the sale of our house (not my lawyer) has billed us for $3000. Since I'm not at home to deal with this it will have to wait. Two reasons, one - since it's taken them nearly five months to bill us it obviously wasn't that important to them. Secondly I just don't have three grand laying around. Perhaps if the lawyer in question had billed promptly this wouldn't have been an issue since we still had the proceeds of the house sale at that time. However we have since used the money to reduce debt and pay for the move, so they'll have to wait. I don't see why I need to be responsible for someone else's professional incompetence.

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