Tory Patronage Machine goes into High Gear

Monday, July 31 2006 @ 09:46 MDT

Contributed by: evilscientist

During my morning cruise of the internet, I came across this little item from Bourque which links to this blog article by cardinal47. It would appear that Harvie Andre, the former Tory cabinet minister under Brian Mulroney, has been given an untendered contract worth about half a million dollars for six to eight months of work. The contract is here.

It would appear that Harper's promise of accountability and to change the way things are done in Ottawa are hollow. His actions show that he's all about paying off political debts to friends and party hacks (see also the attempt to appoint Gwyn Morgan). Stephen, Stephen, Stephen, if you're going to claim to be different, you actually have to act different.

It is interesting that this appointment has escaped the regular news media. Perhaps they don't want to have to point out how the federal Tories are starting to look like the federal Liberals when it comes to helping out their friends. You'd think they'd want to pick up on that. Oh I forgot, you must be a cheering section for the government or they won't feed you stories.

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