My aching back....

Monday, April 30 2007 @ 11:38 MDT

Contributed by: evilscientist

Since spring has finally decided to show up here at Castle Evil, I was able to do some yard work yesterday. So I raked the yard to get rid of the dead grass, hindered only by the rake breaking and a trip to the hardware store to replace it. The job got better after that since I had a more appropriate rake for the task. So after four and a half hours (I have a big lawn) I was finally done and spent the rest of the evening doing laundry and aching. I'm still aching today, though not nearly as much as last night or as was expecting. I need to get more exercise....

Saturday was spent over at RHJ Rail running model trains as part of the Calgary Model Railroad Society's layout tours. Only about 15 people came by during the day, but it was a fun time as those of us operating the RHJ road used it as a bit of an operating session. Besides, any time running trains is good!

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