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Thursday, May 24 2007 @ 12:47 MDT

Contributed by: evilscientist

After 15 years of service, I finally retired my 1991 Honda Civic yesterday. Though it had been a reliable vehicle all those years it was starting to show its age. With a small oil leak, a small radiator leak, a problem with the throttle body sensor and the windshield wipers packing it in a couple of weeks ago it was time to look at a new vehicle. The Civic has been relegated to being my hobby car, something to tinker on the engine without the fear of not being able to get to where I need to go. I have replaced it with another Honda, though not another Civic. Since I need more cargo space than the Civic can provide combined with the fact I'm not to keen on the new styling on the 2007 Civics, I've gone with an Element. Ok, so not the most environmentally sound choice, as the fuel economy isn't as good as the Civic, but it can carry a lot more cargo, and with the roof rack, can carry the canoe I want to get. Right now I'm just getting used to the different feel of the Element. For one I now sit much higher from the road and more upright than the Civic. The gear shift is also higher and further forward which is also taking some getting used to. I am enjoying the wonderful "new car smell" that had long since disappeared from the Civic and am enjoying the vast array of electric do-dads that the Civic never had. It handles well for it's size and seems to have a nice amount of zip to it, should I decide to use it (I tend to accelerate at a moderate rate in most cases as it is easier on the engine and uses less gas because, despite being a socialist, I am at heart a cheap bastard.)

Due to the fact that the weather here in Cowtown has decided to revert back to February instead of what the calendar says is May, I've only got a couple of photos:

First, the nice low kilometreage... This was after packing on a whole 6 km from the dealer to my house:

A shot of it in my garage. Being the end of the model year, silver was the only colour available with the 4WD and manual transmission. The roof rack the dealer threw in has tempered my angst at not getting blue...

Finally, a big thanks to my mom and dad who, having decided that I needed a new car, RIGHT NOW, spotted me the cash for the down payment.

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