Letter to CBC Eyeopener and Ombudsman

Monday, February 25 2008 @ 10:48 MST

Contributed by: evilscientist


This is to follow up my phone call of earlier this morning to your "talk back line". To start, I have been a CBC listener for over 25 years and have counted on CBC in Calgary to present a more balanced view of the world. The riding profile presented this morning on the Calgary Eyeopener has however, began to erode this view. It's not that my campaign wasn't called for an interview, and I can only presume that the Wildrose Alliance and Green campaigns were also not called, but the impression I received from the reporter was that she couldn't have even been bothered to look up our names on your own website. I was given the distinct impression that your reporter is quite biased against the smaller campaigns in the consituency given that our party names were mentioned, almost as a "oh, by the way" at the end of the piece and the candidate names weren't mentioned at all.

Given that another radio station in town known for it's Conservative bias had the common courtesy to call all the campaigns and even interview all the candidates, it reflects poorly on the normally more unbiased reporting I had come to expect from the CBC. Especially given the fact that your reporter virtually ignored half the candidates in the riding.


Jason Nishiyama, CD

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