Object #6 M67

Sunday, May 18 2008 @ 01:15 MDT

Contributed by: evilscientist

M67 - Open cluster in Cancer
Object # 6 Object Name:M67
Other Names:NGC2682, Melotte 94, Collinder 204
RA:08:51:00.00 Dec:11:48:00.00
Constellation:Cancer Season:Winter
Magnitude:6.9 Type:Open Cluster
This faint cluster can be tricky to locate. I usually start with M44-The Beehive then move down through Gamma then Alpha Canceri. Alpha Canceri forms part of a four star chevron of stars where M44 is just north of where the point would be. This object is only visible in a telescope from inside a city, being too faint for binoculars or the unaided eye. It is also the object used to determine your telescope's limiting magnitude.
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