Marjory Wright Nishiyama 13 May 1927 - 17 July 2008

Thursday, July 17 2008 @ 10:47 MDT

Contributed by: evilscientist

Some time over the night my mom passed away in her sleep, her battle with cancer finally over. It's difficult right now to find the words I need to say what I want to say. My mind is full of memories of her over the years, all of them good. Since few outside our family probably know anything about my mom I thought I should write something about her. My mom was born in the town of Uddingston in Scotland, the middle of three sisters. She married a Canadian service man during WWII and came to Canada as a war bride. She had two children, my brother and sister, with her first husband. Her husband was later killed in a car accident and through events that remain unclear to me, a few years later met and married my dad.

At some point my parents decided they wanted a child of their own so they adopted me at the tender age of three months. So for the past 40 years my mom (and dad) have called me their own. I am eternally grateful to her for raising me and giving me the life that I now enjoy.

Mom, rest well, you are loved and missed.

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