More planetary nebulae.

Wednesday, February 01 2012 @ 07:37 MST

Contributed by: evilscientist

My project for my final course in my degree has been approved. I'm looking at if there's a connection between the presence of singly ionized sulphur and the morphology (shape) of the nebula. A side benefit of this is that there will be lots of pictures of planetary nebulae. Not the best cosmetically since that's not my purpose, but they still can be quite pretty. First off NGC 2438, a planetary nebula in the constellation of Puppis and is about 2900 light years away. As an added bonus the stars around the nebula are the open cluster M46. The two are not related but simply lie in our line of sight together.

Next up is IC 2165, a planetary nebula in the constellation xx and is about 8200 light years away. It appears almost star like and is difficult to tell where it is in the photo. Hint, it's a shade of blue.

More to come over the coming weeks....

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