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Meme's – when you don't have something to write about.
Authored by: evilscientist onTuesday, August 29 2006 @ 11:00 MDT
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, August 29 2006 @ 10:21 AM
1. Ok...I really think Gandalf as well but as it has been
guessed, I am going to go with Legolas. :)

Should have stuck with Gandalf... :)

2. You are channeling Spock right now, aren't you? :)

I've been accused of that... and Spock is correct.

5. Original or prequels? Original movie I am going to go
with Yoda. Prequels, I think Qui Gon Jin

Though both Yoda and Qui Gon Jin Kick butt, think more metalic.

8. Charles Emerson Winchester III (he was a bit of a
villan but one with a brain and a fantastic sense
of humour at times :)

Charles started out as a villan, but they changed him into a much more complex character, one of my favorites, but no.

9. Catherine Willows - intelligent redheads are the best! :)

They are, but no. :)