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Where do people dig this stuff up?
Authored by: Anonymous onMonday, May 11 2009 @ 05:59 MDT
I was skeptical the first time I received the email about Bruce Allen’s alleged statements. So when I received another copy several months later I decided to do some research. About two and a half minutes of research revealed that my skepticism was well founded. Bruce made no such comments about the national anthem being sung in Hindi. Likely there never was any such debate. The email was apparently created by someone wishing to spread their own racial hatred around the internet via email. Those who forward the email are most likely well meaning good people who are true Canadians, proud of their country and proud of their national anthem. They forward the email thinking that they are warning others about the decimation of Canadian heritage without checking to see if the email is factual or real. This happens all the time. Email scams are in great abundance.

The good Eveil Scientist has done an amazing job of dissecting this scam email and injecting some truth and facts into the matter. Christy Clark has posted a link to the actual audio transmission along with the transcript of what Bruce Allen actually said ( http://www.christyclark.ca/2007/09/25/bruce-allens-comments/ )

The good Eveil Scientist was doing such a great job of showing the truth about the creator of the scam email right up to the point where the good Eveil Scientist un-veiled his own discriminatory generalizations and apparent hatred or at least distain for another(large) group of people.

The good Eveil Scientist has this to say near the end of his soap box speech.

"Fortunately, like the dinosaurs, this segment of society will eventually die out when the winds of change pass them by. The irony being that people who generally spout the belief espoused in this email also don't believe in evolution. Ahh well what can one do against such ignorance other than shine the glaring light of education on it."

" .....people who generally spout the belief espoused in this email also don't believe in evolution."

Who might this segment of society allegedly be? Possibly Christians? Or is it just all religious people in general?

Good job Eveil Scientist for un-veiling 2 ugly birds with one stone!

Perhaps one day your education will enlighten you to the fact that life is more than what you can see, feel and measure in a laboratory.