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Thursday, May 26 2022 @ 05:06 MDT

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Uproar over shooting.

PoliticsA few days ago a man who was wielding a knife that he had just used to stab his wife and another woman was shot by police. Now there are cries that the police used too much force against the man. From the reports I\'ve seen in the papers and heard on the radio, the man had come out of his house (having stabbed two people in the house) and was brandishing the knife in a threatening manner at the police. The man was ordered to drop the knife several times, when he didn\'t, he was shot by the police.
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Red Deer MLA cracks peanut with sledgehammer.

Alberta PoliticsListening to CBC1 this morning, as is my habit on the way to work, I heard about the MLA for Red Deer North (Mary Anne Jablonski) who is tabling a private member\'s bill in the legislature that will force youth with addiction into treatment. On the surface to the casual observer this doesn\'t seem like a bad idea, and I\'m sure to the party faithful it\'s a great idea. It\'s not a good idea for a couple of reasons.
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Family values?

PoliticsCalgary\'s Bishop Fred Henry weighed in on the same sex marriage debate on Sunday with a lecture delivered by his bevy of priests to the faithful. Naturally Bishop Henry presented homosexuality as a threat to the family, equating it with prostitution, pornography and adultery. Frankly I\'m surprised he didn\'t pull in communism, unions and hemorrhoids. Now I understand it\'s his job to hold outmoded ideas, he is a leader in a church after all. It is also his job to tell his flock what to do, so what\'s the problem?
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Orin Hatch at it again.

US PoliticsThe Utah senator, know for his rather bizzare ideas, apparently has included in an intelectual property protection act a clause that would make it illegal to skip past commercials.
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Iraqi Elections Coming Up.

International PoliticsThe people of Iraq will be going to the polls at the end of the month in elections set up by the United States. It will be interesting to see how the elections go. How much the US will interfere with the process will probably never be known, since it\'s in the American\'s best interest to have someone who is very pro-US in charge. Someone who will do America\'s bidding in the region.
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Calgary is creating it\'s own traffic nightmare.

Calgary PoliticsIn it\'s continuing effort to create even worse traffic jams, the city of Calgary council has decided to raise the transit rates and monthly passes. Now the reason I bring this up is twofold. First is personal, the second is societal.
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A Trip Into History.

Jason ramblingI\'ve long been a fan of Nicholas Morant\'s work. For those of you who don\'t know who Nick Morant was, he was employed by the CPR as their “Special Photographer”. Over his career he took thousands of photos from all over Canada, not just of trains, but anything else in Canadian Pacific\'s corporate field of endeavour. He also took many photos of subjects not related to the Canadian Pacific group of companies.
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