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Saturday, May 18 2024 @ 01:55 MDT

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Canada Day Thoughts

Alberta PoliticsI type this from my hotel room as I am on vacation. One of the reasons I like the hotel in which I'm staying (other than the jacuzzi tub in the room) is that I get a free newspaper in the morning. In this morning's Globe and Mail is a story on the annual Dominion Institute's Canadian History Quiz. Sadly to say, as a country, we suck at our history.
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Conservatives, Firewallers and Hypocrites.

Alberta PoliticsConservatives (both large and small “c”) never cease to amaze me. While listening to CBC AM the other day I heard proponents of the so-called “firewall” for around Alberta. They claim, that by pushing Ottawa out of areas that the Alberta provincial government has constitutional authority, such as health and policing.
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Rotten Applewood

Alberta PoliticsInside my riding of Calgary-Montrose and Ward 10, is the community of Applewood. The executive of the community association is made up primarily of people who worked on both the Hung Pham and Margot Aftergood campaigns. The interesting part is this. The Auditor General is now investigating money given to the community association.
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The Power of One.

Alberta PoliticsIt is often said in today\'s age that it is impossible for one individual to make a difference. While this is often true, occasionally one person can make changes, or at the very least, make those who can make the changes very uncomfortable.
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Ward 10 saga continues.

Calgary PoliticsRecent events in the Ward 10 election scandal have made me wonder if the government is busily trying to make it go away. After all it involves loyal Tories who are up to their eyeballs in the scandal. We find out that the inspection (which should have been a public inquiry) will end without questioning those directly involved with the voting irregularities. Nothing like a government sweeping voting scandals under the rug to give the place that fresh, sham election feel that you generally only find in countries who's leaders are generally referred to as “strongman” or “maximum leader”.
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Not cheating on an election means never having your reputation besmirched.

Calgary PoliticsDavid Aftergood, husband of former (and now possibly disgraced) alderman Margot Aftergood has been running through the courts trying to stop the provincial inspection into wrongdoing during last fall's ward 10 election. He's concerned that the inspection will ruin his reputation. I can see why, he's just been charged with two counts under the Local Authorities Election Act.
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The Tories to “smother” Alliance member.

Alberta PoliticsI was listening to the radio this morning as is my habit and the CBC had a story on the single Alberta Alliance member, Paul Hinman, of the legislature. Basically, the story was saying that the governing PC\'s find the Alliance member\'s presence an irritant.

Now it\'s well known that I find not only the Alliance an irritant, but the PC\'s as well. What\'s different is the way I deal with people from these parties. Since I believe in democracy, I think that if the people have selected someone, then that\'s the way it shall be. That\'s not the way the PC\'s think apparently.
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Ward 10 by-election filled with parachute candidates.

Calgary PoliticsA quick survey of the candidates for the Ward 10 by-election shows that of the nine candidates running, only four actually live in the ward. Why is it that people outside of NE Calgary, who normally wouldn\'t be caught dead in “the hood” suddenly crawl out of the woodwork if they think they can get an easy ride into city hall?
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I Can\'t Believe I Lost to this Guy.

Alberta PoliticsFor those of you who don\'t know, I ran in the last provincial election in my riding of Calgary-Montrose for the NDP. The incumbent Tory won, naturally, despite the fact that he rarely shows up for work or answers his mail, living proof that the Conservatives can elect a shaved chimpanzee in Calgary.
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Ward 10 inspection predictions.

Calgary PoliticsAs the inspection of the election in my ward of Ward 10 begins, I can\'t help but wonder what this process will discover. Unlike a public inquiry, the inspection will be held primarily behind closed doors, though there will be two days when the inspection will be open to the public. The government also claims that it will release the results of the inspection when it is done. Assuming that this is true here is a recap of some of the information that\'s come out so far and my predictions for the report.