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Monday, September 16 2019 @ 10:36 MDT

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Ralph Klein Wants to Know What You Think...

Alberta Politics...as long as it agrees with his point of view. Now I haven't read the Klein plan for health “reform” yet, but I'm not commenting on that specifically so it's not important at the moment. What I am commenting on is the discord between what the premier told the Calgary Herald, specifically that he wants to hear from Albertans what they think of his health care plan, and his actions in the legislature when provided with alternative ideas.
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A dark age is a comin'

US PoliticsI think that western society is heading towards a new dark age. This story about a NASA PR man shows the lengths that the Bush Administration will go to pander to the theo-conservative elements in the Republican party. The erosion of science by religious zealotry will eventually result in a new dark ages. A time when decisions are made by one of the most powerful men in the world based on mythology and not fact is upon us and being forced on the people of the United States.
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A Tory Victory?

Canadian PoliticsSo the government I thought we'd get is what we've got. Am I happy with the results of the election? Yes. The NDP gained seats. The Tories have only a minority (and why that's good look here) and the Liberals weren't wiped out. Add the fact that the BQ lost support to the mix and all in all it was a good election outcome. So at this juncture I have some advice to give to the new prime minister, should he want more than a Joe Clarkesque term in office.
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Scary stuff kids

Canadian PoliticsNo other way to describe it. This link from Rick Mercer's blog says it all...
Remember to follow the link in the post... not for the faint of heart!
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Why a Conservative Minority Government Would Be Good For Canada

Canadian PoliticsThis may come as a shock to most people I know, but I think a Tory minority government would be good for Canada. For those of you who don't know me, I'm somewhat of a socialist. I'm a member of the NDP and have even run at the provincial level for them. So why would I be saying a Tory minority is good? Read on.
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Election Thoughts

Canadian PoliticsMany of you are probably surprised that I haven't written more about the election, being a political scientist and all. There's a couple of reasons why I haven't, mostly that I was on holidays over the winter break and was just too lazy to think of anything. I now, however have some things to say about the campaign so far.
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Alberta whines again.

Alberta PoliticsWith the coming federal election, I've heard much in the Alberta media about how little time and energy the federal parties are putting into the election in the province. For example, the leaders of the three main federal parties made whistle stops in the province over the weekend. These stops are likely to be the only stops for the Liberals and the NDP, and the Tories probably won't have much more. This of course leads to Albertans complaining that no one is listening to them. My assertion is that Albertans have no one to blame but themselves for this.
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Surfing the blogosphere.

US PoliticsAs I surf the blogosphere, I occasionally run into things I find interesting. Click here for an interesting take on George W.'s veteran's day speech.
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Applewood still rotten to the core.

Alberta PoliticsBoth on here and in my discussions with my friends I've opined about what I think the auditor general would find in Applewood and it's lottery grant. Well, the auditor general found that the Applewood Community Association didn't keep the proper records and that they couldn'd prove that the money went to where it was supposed to go. Armed with that knowledge, the government has ordered the Applewood Community Association to repay $20,000 of the $30,000 it was given.
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The things people email me.


I get email, who doesn't. Occasionally I get an unspeakable horrors in my mailbox. I recently received an email from someone I know, the contents of which were a bit of a shock. I suspect it is a forward of an email that is making the rounds, so I will not name this individual, however the contents of the message is be here. I originally wasn't even going to dignify this with a response, but you can't keep a political scientist from expressing his opinion.