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Thursday, July 16 2020 @ 08:15 MDT

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Tories head to centre.

Canadian PoliticsSo the federal Tories moved ever so slightly towards the centre. Apparently someone has clued them in to that\'s where the votes are outside of Alberta. What will be interesting is if Harper can hold it all together till the next election.
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The Tories to “smother” Alliance member.

Alberta PoliticsI was listening to the radio this morning as is my habit and the CBC had a story on the single Alberta Alliance member, Paul Hinman, of the legislature. Basically, the story was saying that the governing PC\'s find the Alliance member\'s presence an irritant.

Now it\'s well known that I find not only the Alliance an irritant, but the PC\'s as well. What\'s different is the way I deal with people from these parties. Since I believe in democracy, I think that if the people have selected someone, then that\'s the way it shall be. That\'s not the way the PC\'s think apparently.
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Ward 10 by-election filled with parachute candidates.

Calgary PoliticsA quick survey of the candidates for the Ward 10 by-election shows that of the nine candidates running, only four actually live in the ward. Why is it that people outside of NE Calgary, who normally wouldn\'t be caught dead in “the hood” suddenly crawl out of the woodwork if they think they can get an easy ride into city hall?
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I Can\'t Believe I Lost to this Guy.

Alberta PoliticsFor those of you who don\'t know, I ran in the last provincial election in my riding of Calgary-Montrose for the NDP. The incumbent Tory won, naturally, despite the fact that he rarely shows up for work or answers his mail, living proof that the Conservatives can elect a shaved chimpanzee in Calgary.
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On evolution and politics.

Canadian PoliticsEvolution is often mis characterized as the survival of the fittest. What it more accurately would be described as the survival of the one most able to adapt to changes in the environment. Ever since Charles Darwin formulated the theory behind evolution for the natural world, people have been using it to describe things in the human realm with various degrees of success. I\'m not above doing this and I\'m going to apply the theory to politics.
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Ward 10 inspection predictions.

Calgary PoliticsAs the inspection of the election in my ward of Ward 10 begins, I can\'t help but wonder what this process will discover. Unlike a public inquiry, the inspection will be held primarily behind closed doors, though there will be two days when the inspection will be open to the public. The government also claims that it will release the results of the inspection when it is done. Assuming that this is true here is a recap of some of the information that\'s come out so far and my predictions for the report.
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Uproar over shooting.

PoliticsA few days ago a man who was wielding a knife that he had just used to stab his wife and another woman was shot by police. Now there are cries that the police used too much force against the man. From the reports I\'ve seen in the papers and heard on the radio, the man had come out of his house (having stabbed two people in the house) and was brandishing the knife in a threatening manner at the police. The man was ordered to drop the knife several times, when he didn\'t, he was shot by the police.
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Red Deer MLA cracks peanut with sledgehammer.

Alberta PoliticsListening to CBC1 this morning, as is my habit on the way to work, I heard about the MLA for Red Deer North (Mary Anne Jablonski) who is tabling a private member\'s bill in the legislature that will force youth with addiction into treatment. On the surface to the casual observer this doesn\'t seem like a bad idea, and I\'m sure to the party faithful it\'s a great idea. It\'s not a good idea for a couple of reasons.
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Family values?

PoliticsCalgary\'s Bishop Fred Henry weighed in on the same sex marriage debate on Sunday with a lecture delivered by his bevy of priests to the faithful. Naturally Bishop Henry presented homosexuality as a threat to the family, equating it with prostitution, pornography and adultery. Frankly I\'m surprised he didn\'t pull in communism, unions and hemorrhoids. Now I understand it\'s his job to hold outmoded ideas, he is a leader in a church after all. It is also his job to tell his flock what to do, so what\'s the problem?
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Orin Hatch at it again.

US PoliticsThe Utah senator, know for his rather bizzare ideas, apparently has included in an intelectual property protection act a clause that would make it illegal to skip past commercials.