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Saturday, July 13 2024 @ 07:58 MDT

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Train Travel, Now That Is the Life.

Cross Canada AdventuresI've made it into Toronto by train. The train was about an hour and a half late due to a freight train ahead of us having an issue with a hotbox. Upon arrival at Union Station, I caught a cab to my hotel, a mere $5.75, which is how close to the station my hotel is. I got my room and then called it a night.
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Almost Train Time!

Cross Canada AdventuresSo I'm now just sitting in the breakfast area of my hotel waiting to go to the train. I've opted to wait here and not at the train station since the hotel has internet access in the breakfast area and is more comfortable than the train station. The VIA station in Edmonton, for your info, is very similar to many small town airports I've been to. A small, nondescript single story building with a waiting area and a small ticket counter. The hotel is far more comfortable.
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Notes On a Bus

Cross Canada AdventuresIt's been a while since I've made an entry here. Generally, I've been crazy busy with work and cadets, and since my vacation started a week ago, laziness. A lot's happened in the past few weeks, but more on that later.
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