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Model Railroading

  • Bow Valley Model Railroad Club (909)
    Bow Valley Model Railroad Club. The club owns a large modular layout that they set up at various events in Western Canada.
  • Calgary Model Railway Society (1,355)
    Society that exists to promote model railroading in Calgary.
  • JLC Enterprises (4,730)
    Dr. Bruce Chubb's CMRI system. This site gives information on the system as well as telling you how to order one of your very own.
  • National Model Railroad Association (1,556)
    The governing body for model railroading in the US. Lots of useful information, standards and links.
  • NTRAK Model Railroading Society (1,459)
    NTRAK is a modular system for N-Scale railroading. Standards and links to other N-Scale modular railroad standards.
  • RHJ Rail (890)
    A great home layout I have the opportunity to use on occasion.
  • The Dispatcher (1,073)
    Link to a supplier of DCC equipment in Calgary. I'm slowly buying him a summer home...
  • TrainNet International Railway Links (903)
    Links to various railroad related sites.
  • Walthers - Model Railroading Mall (17,128)
    The Walther's company, long a fixture in model railroading. This site has kits from various manufacturers and in various scales for sale or reference.
  • West Mountain Railroad (925)
    My model railroad, the West Mountain Railroad. This site shows what the layout looks like, some howto's on what I've done and a rolling stock database.