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Saturday, July 04 2020 @ 11:57 MDT

Happy New Years!

Crünchy ToastHappy new years to everybody! We had our annual party on new years eve this year as Mrs. Evil worked on the date we usually would have the party. The party was good... tonnes of food, good friends, good conversation. In all a good time was had. I made an observation about our cat. Some background about me and cats first though. Until we moved to our current house, I\'d never owned a cat. Dogs yes, but never a cat. This was primarily due to my mom being allergic to cats. Once I moved out, I never thought about getting a cat, since I had a dog and moved a lot. The point of this is that I\'m generally unfamiliar with feline behaviour.

So our cat is timid. The phrase “\'fraidy cat” was coined for her. So while the people were here, she was practicing the better part of valour and hiding in the bedroom. So far, dear reader, you\'re likely to be saying “So what?”. My observation is that there seems to be a magic number of people where the cat will brave an appearance. Any more than four guests, and the cat makes herself scarce. Once the party was down to four guests, poof... the cat appeared. Not just making an appearance, but exploring the room, sucking up to people for attention, the whole works.

This is opposite of my last dog who would be right in the thick of things when guests were over. This seems to be one of the fundamental differences between cats and dogs. The solitary hunter versus the pack hunter. It\'s been interesting getting to know cat behaviour and I\'m sure the cat will be a fun learning experience for years to come.

Not to mention the fact that she\'s cute an furry and oh so cuddly...
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