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Saturday, May 18 2024 @ 02:39 MDT

What a shock, anti-Islamic rhetoric causes radicalization…

Canadian Politics

It would seem that CSIS thinks that ramping up the anti-islamic rhetoric plays into the hands of the terrorists. CSIS also suggests that there's a larger domestic terror threat from far-right racist groups than from the Islamic population. This makes one wonder why all the anti-Islamic rhetoric from Stephen Harper and his government and practically nothing on the larger threat.

The reason is simple actually. The economy is tanking due to Harper being focused laser like on the oil industry and he needs a distraction pronto. He can't go after the far-right racist groups as, well, they and people who agree with them make up a large part of his voting base. This leaves radical Islam. Harper doesn't see his rhetoric making the problem worse as an issue. Quite the opposite in fact; Harper needs radical Islam to flourish, thus he sees stoking the fire as a feature, not a bug. Harper needs radical Islam to flourish because he desperately needs an enemy. Using the Liberal party only works on his hard core base so he needs someone else. Conveniently for him radical Islam has reared its ugly head and Harper is all to eager to help them for his own political gains while ignoring the danger from what is basically the Christian equivalent, since they vote for him.

So we now have a prime minister who will create whatever havoc he sees fit in order to stay in power. The reality is the more secure Canadians are, the less secure Stephen Harper's job is, thus he will never really do anything that will make Canadians feel (or actually be) more secure. He needs fear and taking care of the problem will get rid of that fear. The only question is that does this make him a bigger danger to Canada than the Terrorists?

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