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Wednesday, June 19 2024 @ 11:42 MDT

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The CIA, Trump, Putin and Russian hackers.

US Politics

There is a possibility that the Russian government, through hackers, may have interfered with the US election, by which hacking into a DNC email server and then leaking the information to Wikileaks while also having hacked into an RNC email server and sitting on that information. This begs two questions, why would Putin and the Russian government want Trump as president, and does this compromise Trump and his administration from a security standpoint.

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Big US banks so insolvent....

US Politics...customers can't close their accounts.
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The Stupid - It Burns!

US PoliticsEven by the standard for stupid set up by conservatives in both the US and Canada, this takes the cake. An Arizona state senator (Republican - naturally) singlehandedly sets back her own agenda by pointing a loaded pistol at a reporter, in the state assembly building!
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Changes in America?

US PoliticsSo with the Democrats sweeping into control of the House of Representatives, things are changing in the US. Donald Rumsfeld resigned as Secretary of Defense and George Bush's rhetoric has turned to conciliatory remarks. Will this mark more fundamental change in the US government? Or will there be deadlock?
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Busy week

US PoliticsIt's been a while since I've written, mostly because it's been a busy week for me here at Castle Evil. Between my reserve commitments and work, there's been little time for much else. Mrs. Evil and I did make it out to Death by Chocolate at the Palliser Hotel on Thursday, which gave a nice break to the week. The weekend was occupied by the QCWA convention where I gave a talk on radio astronomy followed by dealing with the pile of laundry that had accumulated over the past week and a half. In the news we have the US congress passing legislation like mad before the election recess. One measure is particularly worrying, the legislation permitting the military tribunals for suspected terrorists to continue.
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Republicans on the Run

US PoliticsIt would seem that the latest polls in the US have the Republicans running scared. Signs include President Bush admitting that they have secret prisons but that those prisons are being shut down, oh, and the prisoners will be given their Geneva Convention rights. There will also be new rules for US troops in their "questioning" of prisoners where US troops will no longer be allowed certain "techniques" for questioning prisoners (read torture).
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A dark age is a comin'

US PoliticsI think that western society is heading towards a new dark age. This story about a NASA PR man shows the lengths that the Bush Administration will go to pander to the theo-conservative elements in the Republican party. The erosion of science by religious zealotry will eventually result in a new dark ages. A time when decisions are made by one of the most powerful men in the world based on mythology and not fact is upon us and being forced on the people of the United States.
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Surfing the blogosphere.

US PoliticsAs I surf the blogosphere, I occasionally run into things I find interesting. Click here for an interesting take on George W.'s veteran's day speech.
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God made him do it.

US PoliticsThere was a time in the past when, if you did something bone-headed or wrong, you'd just say that “the devil made you do it”. Well good ol' George W. down in the US of A has come out and stated that the whole “War on Terrorism” and the invasion of Iraq happened because God told him (dubya) to do it.
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U.S. Tourism Industry About to Take a Hit.

US Politics It's happening faster than I thought. The American slide into despotism is well on its way, if the statements of a US Justice Department lawyer are taken into account. The lawyer, arguing in the Maher Arar case, has stated that foreigners on US soil have no rights. No right to due process, no rights under the US constitution and certainly no right to not be tortured by the US or any other country. I can see the US tourism adverts now: Come for a week, stay detained for a lifetime without charge.
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