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Sunday, July 05 2020 @ 01:08 MDT

A cautionary tale.

Crünchy ToastI ordered some electronic components back in December (the 18th to be exact) from three different suppliers. One supplier contacted me the following Monday, stating that they could ship the parts out of Winnipeg by Purolator for $8. Those parts showed up the next day. Another supplier shipped with the US postal service. This parcel arrived about a week after it was ordered. The final package was shipped via UPS. This parcel has yet to arrive. Now I\'ve checked the UPS website and traced the package. Each time it reported the same thing, that the package had been scanned into Canada on the 23rd of December and was awaiting customs clearance. After a couple of weeks of waiting, I finally phoned UPS today. UPS apparently has no idea where the package is. After a day of looking they couldn\'t find it. I will be getting a call tomorrow after they check their “lost and found”.

So the caution is this, don\'t ship with UPS. The post office seems to be more reliable and from the looks of it, faster and cheaper. I\'ll keep you all posted as to the final outcome of this tale.
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A cautionary tale.
Authored by: evilscientist onFriday, January 14 2005 @ 12:55 MST
So the package finally arrived on Tuesday. They left it on the front step. Coincidentally the bill for UPS' brokerage “service” ($30) also arrived the same day, and from the evidence available, probably before the package. So I give the person at UPS who I've been calling about my package issue a call the next day while at work. She's taken aback, since UPS' tracking system still shows the package in Vancouver. She's confused and I'm miffed. So she says she'll look into it and that she's going to remove the brokerage bill from my account. A few minutes later she calls me back. Now she's miffed as well. Turns out that when she called the Vancouver terminal about the package on Friday, they still had it, despite them claiming that they didn't. So what did they do at Vancouver that Friday? Well they mailed the bill. The next day they gave the package a new tracking number (and didn't tell anyone about it) and shipped the package. So she now clears my entire bill (including the GST on the goods in the package) and says that she's going to take this up with her supervisor.

Will I use UPS again? Only if I have no other option, but I am glad that they have at least one person working there who at least tries.