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Wednesday, February 28 2024 @ 03:26 MST

Tories begin to eat their young, again.

Canadian PoliticsWell it didn\'t take long for the conservative news pundits to speak out on the tack the federal Conservative party is taking. Reading through the Calgary Sun on Tuesday (we get both it and the Herald at work) the opinion columns were rife with the usually conservative wogs spewing out their unique brand of vitriol. Three columns, three people saying that the Conservative party has made a big mistake. Moving to the centre, they argue will only make the party more like the Liberals, and what the people in this country really want is rabid right wing thinking.

Do the people who write editorials for Calgary newspapers travel outside of Alberta? Heck, do they even read the Canada section of their own papers? The Conservatives lost the last election on a rabid right wing platform, this despite the fact that the Liberals were weighed down by the sponsorship scandal. These writers just don\'t seem to get what the Conservative party is slowly getting, what plays in Alberta doesn\'t necessarily play outside this province.

I have waxed eloquent on this subject before and won\'t go into too much more here, but I can think of only one or two things this editorial reaction are a sign of.

One, the delicate alliance between social and fiscal conservatives within the Conservative party is about to break. Splintering the right in Canada yet again.

Two, if the Conservatives and their new move towards the centre happen to win the next election, it will be difficult for the holy Alberta Progressive Conservatives to blame Ottawa for everything, since a like minded government would be sitting in that far off capital. So they are setting up public support for turning on the federal Conservatives as a contingency of a federal Tory win.

Now of course, it\'s always better to attribute things to stupidity than malice, so number one is more likely the case. I\'m just surprised it took so little time.
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Tories begin to eat their young, again.
Authored by: Anonymous onThursday, March 24 2005 @ 09:19 MST
Which wing-nut writer was this - Ezra LeRant or Paul Jackson?

- Grog