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Sunday, July 12 2020 @ 03:58 MDT

New Year Starts

Crünchy Toast don\'t know if it\'s just because I\'ve spent so much time in school as both a student and now as a teacher, but the beginning of September always seems like the real start of the new year. The actual New Year\'s day just seem like an artificial construct by comparison (yes, I know that they both are arbitrary dates). For me September is the start of 10 months of busyness. Yes I do work summer school during July and August, but it just doesn\'t seem as rushed as the actual school year of September to June. Most of the community organizations I belong to (cadets, astronomy club, etc..) restart their activities in September, adding to the feeling of a new beginning.

I suspect I\'m not the only one who feels this way, though I do suspect that most of the people who do have some connection to the education system. Parents of school aged children, other teachers, students both school and university, university professors. This blankets a large segment of society that gears it\'s life around a September-June cycle, as opposed to a January-December cycle, or the government fiscal year of April-March.

No real point to this article really, just the feeling of a new year beginning. New kids in the classroom and all the potential that entails. The cycle of life continues.
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