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Wednesday, July 17 2024 @ 07:37 MDT

King Harper?

Canadian PoliticsFound this shot on the CBC website:
Interesting positioning of the crown above his head.

Is the CBC becoming friendly with the Harper government in the hopes of not losing funding or did they mean the photo to suggest that Harper is going to rule like the Tories in Alberta, as despots? Full text of the associated story is here on the CBC website.

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King Harper?
Authored by: Anonymous onMonday, April 24 2006 @ 02:41 MDT
I suspect the Harpercrit has told the CBC to "play nicely" or he'll cut their funding.

There's been a marked dropoff in CBC reporting of government affairs (and international affairs) since Harpercrit was sworn in.

(I've found that I have had to switch to The Globe and Mail for most of my story sources - CBC just hasn't been carrying them at all - especially if they make Harper look bad)

- Grog