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Monday, December 11 2023 @ 08:11 MST

Tories attack poor.

Canadian PoliticsSo not only is Stephen Harper canceling a low and middle income tax cut but it would appear that the only people who will truly benefit from his $1200 a year child care grant are the rich. It would appear that upon closer inspection the rich won't see the full amount and the poor will see even less.

Why is it the Conservatives of this country seem to want to play reverse Robin Hood, taking money from the poor and giving to the rich? I suspect it won't be long till the federal Conservatives take a note from the Alberta provincial Tories play book and introduce a regressive tax system for the country. It would appear that they truly believe that the poor have too much money and the rich not enough.

Given the push in Alberta to repeal child labour laws, I suspect that the Tories would like to see us living in some Dickensesque world where the rich have everything and the poor struggle even to feed themselves. In this world the poor wouldn't really need child care, since their children would be sent off to work to help pay for rent and food. That would also help cut down the education budgets as these kids wouldn't be in school so there wouldn't be a need for public schools. 1806 here we come!

I think the Tories think that by giving the money, the market will do the rest. The problem is that if that were the case, the market would have fixed the problem years ago. It hasn't. Affordable child care spaces are few and far between, even if you're willing to have anyone look after your child, regardless of their qualifications or suitability. Given this and the amount of money low income earners will get, this is truly the conservative dream of taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

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