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Saturday, February 22 2020 @ 10:24 MST

Weekend From Hell

Crünchy ToastWhat a long weekend. My cadet unit was scheduled to go into the field this past weekend and what an arduous weekend it was. Things just kept going horribly wrong. First, for whatever reason, the bus didn't show up. We waited and waited, sent someone to the old parade site and no bus. We called the bus companies and none had a bus scheduled for us. Eventually I give my dad a call (as he runs a bus company) and lucked out. He had just dropped off a load of passengers at the Greyhound terminal and was able to come and pick us up to take us to the place we were using (between Calgary and Bragg Creek). So eventually we got everyone out.

The next day we get ready to start the activities for the cadets. This was to consist of air rifle for the next day and a half. However before we can begin, the camp manager shows up and tells us we can't do that. This is despite being told we could when we booked the place. So now we've wasted $3000+ of taxpayer money for nothing. Needless to say I'll be writing the directors of this camp to tell them of this.

On the last day, having spent the past two working out what to do to keep 15 teenagers busy, we have the parents show up to pick up their kids, after all, since no bus came to take us, it would be unreasonable to expect one to take us back. Lo and behold a bus shows up to pick us up. The charter order makes no mention of bringing us out. This means that someone at headquarters ordered a bus to retrieve us from the field, but not one to take us there. You'd think that they'd question that.

Finally home, I've developed a cold. I've had better weekends.
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