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Thursday, May 23 2024 @ 12:21 MDT

They Just Don't Give Up.

Alberta PoliticsIt would appear that the Klein government has re-introduced the "Third Way". No press release or announcement was made. This government will stop at nothing to get its way, certainly not the objections of the voters. After all, the American private insurance and medical corporations have paid big bucks for the Alberta Tories to let them in the door.

The problem when Klein and Co. tried this a few months ago was that people, including members of his own party weren't too keen on the idea. I suspect by keeping it low key, Klein is trying to slip it in before he leaves as one of his "legacies". This makes it even more ironic that some of his MLAs would like to rename the new Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary after him. I think it would be more fitting that the private for profit hospital that used to be the Grace hospital be named for him.

Alas, the proposal will go through, as the media in this province will not report it and the massive Tory majority will ensure passage in the Legislature. The only thing that could stop it is that the required enabling legislation isn't likely to see the light of day until the spring, since there probably won't be a fall sitting with the leadership race happening then. Most of the leadership hopefuls aren't to keen on the idea and may kill it in the hopes of showing Albertans that they are different and will do things differently. We shall see of course.

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