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Wednesday, June 19 2024 @ 10:39 MDT

Courts to Review Anders' Nomination Process

Canadian PoliticsIn a move reminiscent of the 2004 Calgary Montrose nomination battle between next to useless MLA Hung Pham and Gus Barron the courts have decided to look into the nomination process of Rob Anders. It's a sad comment on the Conservative Party that it's own members can't get rid of the cow-pie that is Anders. Now loathe that I am to improve the chances of a Tory getting elected, almost anyone would be better than the embarrassment that is Rob Anders.

Now there's no guarantee that the courts will overturn the nomination process. Even if the courts do that, Anders has a well organized party machine to ensure a nomination victory. Anyone who manages to get the process to be even a semblance of free and fair still has an uphill battle because of this machine. Even so, it's scary to think there's enough people in the country, let alone his riding, that think Anders is a good representative for the riding and party, let alone representative of the views of a rational human being.

In any event I wish his opponents luck as they'll need buckets of it. It's a pity the voters of Anders' riding are so locked into voting Tory, they keep electing him. All it would take is one election where he didn't win and the riding and the rest of the country would be rid of him. Alas, here in Alberta, most of the voters have forgotten that they can vote for someone else.

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