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Wednesday, June 19 2024 @ 10:30 MDT

Secretive Tories

Canadian PoliticsIn the continuing saga of the Calgary West nomination controversy it would appear that the Conservative Party is concerned about how the disclosure of the nomination documents would "irreparably harm" the party. Makes one wonder what these documents contain, given that the party is worried that it would turn of the ultra-conservative Alberta voter, let alone those in the rest of Canada.

At this point there can only be speculation as to what the documents contain. I suspect it's along the line of some kind of deal between Harper and Anders where the party will keep Anders' seat safe from contest if Anders keeps his mouth shut whenever there's a microphone near. No matter what the documents actually contain, the action of the party speaks volumes as to how truly open and accountable they really are. Canada's New Government (TM, Pat. Pend.) claims to be better than the last New Government in that they are more "open and accountable". If they can't even be open and accountable to members of their own party, how do they expect us to believe that they will be open and accountable to the rest of us.

It's the Alberta Tories gone federal. Secretive meetings, skeletons in closets, the whole shebang. The Tories have an uphill climb to credibility amongst the infidels and actions like this aren't going to help. By hiding these documents the question is what else are they hiding? What agenda is Harper going to foist on the rest of us right now, let alone should he ever gain a majority in parliament? Too many questions and not enough answers. Hopefully the voters outside of Alberta clue in to this before the next election. Unfortunately, even if the documents come to light, the true believers here in Alberta will still vote for them regardless of what the documents say.

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