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Saturday, May 18 2024 @ 01:51 MDT

Oil Companies 2 - Environment 0

Canadian PoliticsThe hot air that the Tories' Clean Air Act is proof that the Tories are truly interested in only one thing: letting their supporters make a fast buck. By the time industry finally starts feeling the "regulatory framework", most of the people currently employed in that industry will be retired. The industry leaders, who are all lauding this bill, will most likely all be dead. So why should they care what the planet is like in 44 years? Especially since sooner targets would interfere with profits (and performance bonuses) right now.

So now we have had the federal government get rid of programs that would see people use less energy, and now give industry carte blanc to pollute for the next 44 years. The first targets won't even be released until 2025, a mere 19 years away. The targets for pollution levels will be revealed the year I retire. Add to this the harmonization of vehicle emission standards and other environmental standards to those of the US, where the Bush administration has done everything to reduce those standards. Great, now we're going to have even less control over what poison gets into the food supply as well as allowing everyone to pump whatever crap they want to into the air for the next 44 years.

So the petroleum industry wins again. No surprise since the industry is a huge supporter of the Harper Tories (or anyone else who'll let them do what they want unfettered). Heaven forbid we all start using less oil. That would be a catastrophe since the CEO of some oil company wouldn't be able to afford that new summer home. This legislation is all about payback to Harper supporters and doing nothing for the environment. But what do you expect from a party that doesn't even respect it's own members?

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