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Tuesday, September 22 2020 @ 11:41 MDT

Harper lies to parliament.

Jason ramblingIn his attempt to continually malign the Liberal party (as opposed to generating policy) Steven Harper is following the lead of the rest of his party and is now lying to Parliament. There's no way that the misinformation the Tories are spewing out are "mistakes" or based on "bad intelligence". The are now deliberately making up misinformation (or lies as we call them here in the real world) and spewing them in Parliament in order to deliberately mislead the Canadian public.

So if Harper and his MP's are willing to lie about who actually appointed people to the Refugee Claimant Board, what else are they lying about? Their commitment to the environment, that the right-wing nut part of the party isn't really in control? Unfortunately at this point I can't believe anything that comes out of their mouths. Harper, who campaigned on being open and accountable and different than the previous government, shows day after day that he is none of those things. It would seem at this point that Harper is a power hungry madman. He's willing to do anything to hold onto power.

If there's a bright point in this it's this: by shutting out the national media, Harper has forced them to become better journalists. National journalists are now having to dig for stories instead of just printing whatever platitudes Harper and his government spew out. In this sense, Harper's little spat against the national media has backfired on him. Of course his supporters will, like good little religious converts, ignore this coverage since Harper requires his followers to not be capable of independent thought. What remains to be seen is how long until the population at large starts seeing Harper for the lying - power-crazed person he is?

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