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Letter to Stephen Harper

Jason lettersThe Right Honourable Stephen Harper
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

01 June 2007

Dear Sir,

I am writing you today to take offense at your comments in question period on 31 May 2007. As a Canadian who has served in a Reserve Force capacity with the Canadian Forces for 18 years, I find your comments to the Leader of the Opposition about his lack of service the hight of hypocrisy given your lack of service. Given your statement about how much you think of the opinion of people who haven't served in uniform, and your lack of service, why should I, as a born and raised Canadian, care about what YOU think about military matters.

As to having always worked and payed taxes in this country, I note that of the very few members of your caucus that have bothered to serve in uniform, two did so in other countries. Again, given your statements about people who have worked abroad, why should I consider valid the opinions and statements of a government who's own members can't state that they've worked their entire lives in Canada.

Your actions and statements are unbecoming a person holding your office and as an Albertan and Canadian I am embarrassed that a Canadian Prime Minister would act and speak in the manner that you are. For the record, I am not now nor have I ever been a Liberal. I'm just an Albertan and Canadian who is appalled at the childishness of your actions.


Jason Nishiyama, CD

Calgary, Alberta

The Honourable Stephane Dion
Gilles Duceppe
The Honourable Jack Layton
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