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Thursday, May 26 2022 @ 05:42 MDT

Reply from CBC1

Jason\'s MailThis is the first response I received from CBC to my letter about their perceived bias in election reporting. Only the email addresses and phone numbers have been removed. Dear Jason,

I was the reporter who put together the profile of the Egmont riding
this morning for the Eyeopener, and my producer asked me to drop you a
line. I can understand your frustration with being left out of the
profile, but let me try and explain why I chose to tell the story the
way I did. First of all, we are only doing profiles of select ridings.
We are focusing on ridings where there is an interesting story to
tell, or a contentious race to watch. Egmont is interesting simply
because there was a controversial nomination process which may lead to a
split on the right. That split, realistically, gives the Liberals a
chance to come up the middle. Given that the NDP received only 600
votes in the last election, it is not likely to be the primary
beneficiary here. Therefore I spoke to the two candidates who are
likely to split the vote, and the one who might benefit.

Given the time constraints of a five or six minute radio piece, I can't
represent all of the politicians or parties running in each riding. We
do, however, as a station, work hard to represent each of the parties in
other ways. The Eyeopener has done a series of interviews with each of
the party leaders, our news reporters cover policy announcements from
each of the parties, and our website, cbc.ca/calgary has a comprehensive
look at each of the ridings and the party platforms.


Jennifer Keene
The Calgary Eyeopener
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