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Saturday, July 20 2024 @ 07:41 MDT

What are these guys on?

Jason ramblingIt seams that conservative Sun columnist Neil Waugh is putting his appointment to the senate in jeopardy by suggesting that Albertans won't vote Tory. This comes on the heels of similar comments by Alberta premier Ed Stelmach in the run up to the first ministers' conference. With comments like these coming out of their mouths one has to wonder what they are thinking?

Now for any other political party, if staunch supporters started to question your wisdom, it would be a warning to change your ways. That is not the case for the Conservatives, either federal or provincial when it comes to support in Alberta. What Waugh and Stelmach forget is that there is nothing that will hurt Tory fortunes in Alberta. Increase resource royalties? There's much gnashing of teeth and talk of change, but when push comes to shove, Albertans line up like loyal sheep and vote Conservative in droves. Eliminate the tax break on income trusts? Conservative membership cards are torn up and much talk of change ensues. The result on voting day? The blind hordes of Alberta voters line up and put their X beside the local Conservative candidate. Stephen Harper knows this and will act accordingly.

What Ed and Neil need to realize is what the rest of non-Tory have known for years. Albertans don't know how to vote for anyone but the Conservatives. Stephen Harper could be waltzing down Centre Street here in Calgary pitchforking babies into the back of a pickup truck and there are two things that are certain: 1) The Calgary Herald, if it reported on it at all, would have it in a story under the headline "Babies had it coming" and 2) Albertans would rush to the polls to vote Conservative yet again. It just doesn't matter what the Tories say or do, Albertans will blindly vote for them. Election after election has borne this out.

So some friendly advice to Ed Stelmach, Neil Waugh and the other Alberta Conservative and conservative punditery: quit making threats that the people of Alberta are unwilling to follow through on. Nothing that you say or do will stop the sheep people of Alberta from running to the polls to vote Conservative.

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