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Sunday, July 12 2020 @ 03:00 MDT

I've been busy again.

Jason ramblingAs you may have noted I haven't done a lot of posting here since December. Mostly I've just been busy with other things, life getting in the way of blogging as it were. Part of it is also that I've moved my City Deepsky Project from a topic on this blog to it's own wiki. This has kept me busy for the past little while generating much of the content for it which is an ongoing task. It does mean that those of you picking this blog up on the Newdemocratsonline aggregator won't need to read all about my observations of an astronomical and non-political nature.

So relax, I'm still here (though I'm sure my absence has caused little stir in the blogging community) and will be posting as time permits. No doubt there will be some posts later in the week to look at the fall-out from the federal budget.

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