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Saturday, July 20 2024 @ 06:00 MDT

Yet another Facebook change

Jason ramblingI am starting to get tired of the seemingly constant user interface changes over at Facebook. The current "improvement" now has a seemingly endless litany of updates from everything cluttering up the homepage. Having just figured out the changes from the previous "upgrade" the prospect of having to learn a new UI just aren't appealing to me. Especially since they're likely to change it again in a few months anyways. Adding to this is are the new Twitter-like "features" that I'm not too keen on. Instead of being presented with simple status updates, I now end up with an endless litany of wall posts, application usages and status updates with little or no way of telling the difference and no way of filtering out the things I don't want. What was a social networking site seems to have become a micro-blogging site. If I had wanted that, I'd have joined Twitter.

Now there are people out there who like constant change and far be it for me to oppose change if it has a purpose, but the UI and "feature" changes over at Facebook seem random and pointless. To those who think that those of us who aren't keen on massive random changes I have these words: First not all of us have ADD and need constant change to keep our attention. Second, if change is so good then these change supporters shouldn't mind me popping by their place and changing the way they have their computer set up. Reorganizing the directory, adding and deleting software, changing the GUI based on what I think. Then doing it again every few months. They should have no objection to this because, after all, change is good.

When it's all said and done I am finished with Facebook. If those of you who are reading this on Facebook want to stay in touch, feel free to email me before I delete my Facebook account on 31 March 2009. I'm also contemplating adding a crunchy toast section here to Evilness, to do what I used to use Facebook Status updates for, given that they seem to be gone. Bye bye Facebook, it was good while it lasted.
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Yet another Facebook change
Authored by: Anonymous onFriday, March 20 2009 @ 01:44 MDT
I've never commented here before, but I like the /. system.

Yet another Facebook change
Authored by: Anonymous onFriday, March 20 2009 @ 03:51 MDT
Good for you! Join us who revolt against the evil. If I wanted to be back in high
school again I'd simply poke forks in my eyes. Facebook is a fad I've been
happy to live without.

-Mrs. Evil