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Wednesday, June 19 2024 @ 11:07 MDT

New Topic Here at Evilness

Jason ramblingIn my continuing disengagement from Facebook, I've created a new topic here at Evilness. Crunchy Toast will contain things of a personal nature such as what I'm up to and so on. That leaves this topic free for my political and other musings of a more deeper nature. This also means that those of you watching this on various political aggregators won't have to put up with my non-political, I had toast, it was crunchy posts (unless you want to or are looking at NDP online which for some reason is picking up the whole site feed). There is an RSS feed for the new topic, located at http://www.evilscientist.ca/backend/crunchy.rss for those who want to follow along at home without the bother of coming here directly. Those of you reading this on Facebook, I will be departing there on the 31st of March so if you want to, pick up the RSS feed from here.
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