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Monday, April 22 2019 @ 12:31 MDT

Whither Democracy

Jason ramblingSo there I am having breakfast with Mrs. Evil and some friends in a restaurant before going to ceremonies today when perchance I overheard a conversation at another table. It would seem that a bunch of Tories were also having breakfast, one of whom was either an MLA or worked for one (would anyone recognized their Tory MLA in Alberta?). The conversation was a bit scary. First on the agenda was how different polls would be shifted between different ridings in the upcoming riding boundary commission in order to provide for the best chance of victory. This was followed by the best way to take over community association boards so that they wouldn't complain about it.

Further insights included how the Alberta Tories see workshops with invited guests are the best way to feel the community for what people thing as opposed to town halls where anyone could show up. This was part of the conversation on how to sell private health care.

So basically I overheard some party functionaries basically discussing how to subvert democracy. Great. It's wonderful when all the political class thinks about is how to do whatever it takes to stay in power as long as it doesn't involve listening to the voter. At this point I'm glad I'm retiring from the reserve force, it's just not worth dying to keep people like this in power.

Speaking of Alberta Tories, they couldn't be bothered to send someone to the main Remembrance Day Ceremony in a city of one million. The other levels of government did. I guess the provincial Tories were too busy trying to figure out how to subvert democracy to bother to show up to honour those who died to defend it.
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