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Saturday, May 18 2024 @ 02:01 MDT

Ted Morton - master of disguise

Alberta PoliticsIt would seem that Ted Morton, candidate for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party and hence premier of Alberta and who has been campaigning on openness and accountability has a secret identity. Seems Dr. Morton used an alias email to keep his true identity a secret in ministerial correspondence while he was minister of Sustainable Resource Development.

Now in his own defence Morton has indicated that the names used are his actual legal names but since they weren't until now widely known the effect is the same as if he had used aliases. This leaves open huge questions as to Dr. Morton's veracity when he claims to be all for openness and accountability since this looks a lot like trying to avoid both of these. It also makes one wonder what else is he hiding?

In reality, this shouldn't be a shock for anyone in Alberta though. The Alberta Tories haven't been either open or accountable since Lougheed and they've passed this trait on to their federal brethren in the Harper Conservatives. It just goes to show two things about the Conservatives (federal and provincial) in that:

  1. The leadership of both parties is so scared that their actual view on the world will get out, and that this view is so out of line of how the average Canadian/Albertan sees things that in next election they'll get a free trip to the opposition benches. Makes you wonder how truly scary what these people are talking about that they need to hide it with alter egos.
  2. That Conservatives talk a good talk about law and order and rules and accountability, but only when it applies to non-Conservatives. To a Conservative, laws, order and accountability aren't something that applies to them. That their supporters keep falling for the fiction that the people who run the Conservative parties and governments of this country actually believe in law, order and accountability is astounding. The cognitive dissonance in their brains must be painful.

With all this hypocrisy rank in the Conservative parties in Canada/Alberta, I can't for the life of me understand why people keep voting for these clowns.

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