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Friday, September 29 2023 @ 04:56 MDT

Harper Screws Veterans...

Canadian Politics...doesn't want anyone to know about it. Shortly after getting caught with their pants down in a committee, the Harper Tories cut short public committee inquiry into the quarter billion in cuts they're meting out to Veterans Affairs. Harper wouldn't know support for the troops if it bit him in the posterior.

Just further proof that as far as Stephen Harper, the Conservative Party of Canada and its supporters that the members of the Canadian Forces exists solely for photo-ops and chest thumping. Actual support ends when the photo-op with our dear maximum leader ends. Even worse if you're a veteran, then no support for you at all. As we say out west, when it comes to support for the troops, Harper and his supporters are all-hat.

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Harper Screws Veterans...
Authored by: Anonymous onSaturday, February 15 2014 @ 11:51 MST
Harper will rue the day he
started screwing the vets over.
Surely even the ignorant money
grubbing conservative base
cannot support cuts to those
that truly serve us. I know
the CON base will vote for
whoever promises not to charge
them another dime in tax, even
if that person appoints thieves
to the senate and has a
pedophile in his band, as long
as they don't loose that piece
if silver. To them its only
money that matters but surely
even they cannot abandon the