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Saturday, July 13 2024 @ 08:18 MDT

NDP Leadership Hopeful Suggests Higher Taxes...

Canadian Politics...Harper Tories losing control of the message. With the Globe and Mail discussing the matter in a less than negative light, it would seem that the not-so-carefully crafted neo-con message of "all taxes bad" isn't resonating as well with Canadians as they would like. Especially if that message comes with the message "massive cuts to social programs".

This is the NDP's chance to tackle an alleged Harper strength, that of low taxes. The reality is that the lower taxes really only truly benefit the really wealthy and corporations with the rest of us seeing meagre tax savings upwards of a couple of hundred dollars a year. When faced with the consequences of Harper tax cuts, that being privatization of health care and the elimination of the social safety net, most Canadians aren't too keen on tax cuts that provide them with little benefit but major costs.

This is where the NDP comes in. By making themselves the guardians of healthcare and our social safety net they provide a message that resonates with Canadians in general. Add to this the fact that as official opposition the media now occasionally pays attention to the NDP. What the NDP has to do now is not turn into the Liberal Party and fold like a house of cards at the first sign of a Conservative attack. The only real answer to the "tax-and-spend" mantra of the Tories is, "yes, of course, that's how a just society operates". The implication is that if you oppose taxes and social spending, you oppose fundamental justice. It helps that this is also true as taxes and government spending are a requirement of a civil and just society.

So my advice to the NDP is don't shy away from who you are under fear of Conservative attacks. I don't think the NDP will, after all they're not the Liberal Party that tries to ply both sides of the street which paralyses them any time they have to take a stand. Only by showing the Harper Conservatives for the small minded, hateful individuals they are can they be defeated. Hope and courage will win out over fear and despair in the end.

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