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Friday, September 29 2023 @ 06:48 MDT


Canadian PoliticsGiven the media feeding frenzy that is the robocall scandal, it is interesting to note the almost complete lack of Conbot commenters in the comment sections of the stories. This can mean a couple of things, first that the people that the Conservatives pay to troll through media comment sections to "correct" news stories and people's perceptions of the CPC have the weekend off. Though you'd think the party would be pouring on the overtime to ensure it's point of view were being front and centre on the web. Another possibility, one that probably frightens the hell out of Tory hyper-partisans, is that the people who usually support the Harper Conservatives are actually angry with them and not actually posting the talking points requested by party central.

The final possibility is that the regular CPC supporters on these forums have no issue with what the party is doing, but for some reason don't feel like defending the party in their usual vitriolic way. Perhaps knowing they're in the wrong is tempering them. In any event their absence is interesting.
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