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Monday, April 15 2024 @ 06:47 MDT

On to Ottawa

Cross Canada AdventuresAfter spending a day in Toronto, we are off to Ottawa. Since we were staying in Cookstown, we had to back track up the 400 to Orillia to reconnect with the Trans-Canada highway. Now the central Ontario route of the Trans-Canada highway is a pleasant trip, but if you choose it be warned the speed limit is 80 km/h the whole way. If you're in a rush to get from Toronto to Ottawa, pick a different route. If you're not in a rush the route is scenic with plenty of small towns along the way. Gasoline was unexpectedly inexpensive as well, being in a (at the time of our departure) Calgary range of $1.15-1.20 per litre. A pleasant change from the $1.30-140 range of Northern Ontario. Anyhow, photos:

Leaving the Toronto-North KOA:

Heading north on the 400:

East on the Trans-Canada - highway 7:

One of the many small towns along the route (I can't remember this one's name):

The town of Omemee. Nothing special, I just like saying the name:

"Camped" in the driveway at an old airforce buddy's place.

Simon playing with Auntie Kriszta in Ottawa. She's the old airforce buddy who's driveway we camped in. I bet you had a different picture in your mind when I said "old airforce buddy" didn't you...

Next stop, Montreal.
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