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Saturday, July 13 2024 @ 08:14 MDT

Where Ezra Levant wants to put your kids in the line of fire

Canadian PoliticsDarling of the Canadian right wing, Ezra Levant, has sunk to an even new low. In Ontario a school board has responded to the legitimate concerns for the safety of their children at public Remembrance Day events, has reasonably allowed those parents to send their children to closed activities at the children’s schools. That this was to happen to accommodate those concerns is outlined in a letter from the school board.

Of course this hasn’t stopped Ezra, master of the false outrage and the made up - well - everything from writing a bizarre islamophobic screed for Sun Media. Now to be clear, the reason for children being allowed to not go to the public ceremonies is because in light of recent events at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, some parents are a little leery of having their kids being somewhere where some radicalized nutbar could open up on the crowd. But that’s not Ezra’s take on it. Like the old uncle at a family reunion that everyone’s uncomfortable around, Ezra goes off blaming Muslim immigrants for the “outrage”.

So now not only do we have Ezra going off on an irrelevant tangent spewing racist screed, but he also wants to force parents to put their children into a situation where there is a small but real risk of life threatening danger. In simpler terms, in order to score some ego points with his fanboi base, Ezra is willing to:

  1. Lie about what a school board is doing
  2. Lie about why that school board is doing it
  3. Lie about a particular religion
  4. Be willing to force parents to put their kids in what is perceived to be harm’s way
  5. Use an event meant to honour those who have fallen for his own petty racist views.

Of course this has been Ezra’s MO since I first encountered him while we were both at the University of Calgary. The problem for Ezra is that it’s no longer the late 1980s/early 1990s, but 2014. People can fact check Ezra and more often than not, the fact checking shows Ezra for what his is, a liar extraordinaire and more often than not a serial libeller.

Of course his fanboi audience who follow him in Sun media will not bother to fact check him as his often racist and libellous screeds fits their world view, providing much in the way of confirmation bias. This is the truly scary aspect of Ezra’s lies, that there are so many willing and wanting to believe them. Think of it, if you know someone who think’s Ezra’s the bomb, is this what that person truly believes? What do they think of you if that’s the case?

So I would encourage all of you to avoid Sun media as they seem willing to promote Ezra’s lying, meaning at least tacit agreement with him on these matters. If they think Ezra’s lies aren’t an issue, how much else of what they print is lies?

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