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Monday, February 26 2024 @ 11:20 MST

Ezra Levant loses a libel lawsuit, again...

Canadian Politics

At this point it's probably safe to say serial libeller Ezra Levant has been ordered to pay $80000 to a lawyer Ezra called "illiberal Islamic fascist”. Now this wasn’t Ezra’s first time in front of a judge for libel, as he was ordered to pay $57000 in another libel case he lost.

The fact that Ezra is a lawyer begs the question of how good of a lawyer is he? After all one would think that any lawyer who was able to pass the bar would be knowledgeable about what statements would be constituted as libel. In fact Levant has sued others for libel in the past so you’d think he have some knowledge on the subject. Apparently not.

Perhaps the most damning comment from the judge in the most recent case is:
I find that [Mr. Levant’s] dominant motive in these blog posts was ill will, and that his repeated failure to take even basic steps to check his facts showed a reckless disregard for the truth.
In simple terms the judge in the recent case has called him a liar. Of course those of us who’ve known Ezra since university have known this. The problem Ezra has now is that he’s now in the real world and not the hallowed halls of academe where he could get away with bald face lies. Of course since Ezra was in university during the early ‘90s, he had the benefit that it was hard to fact check him. Nowadays it’s possible to check up on him instantly. Ezra seems to either forget this or ignore this. The issue now is that he’s not protected by the broad based concept of academic freedom, but now must bear responsibility for his actions and lies.

So with two libel losses (and settlements in other cases), Ezra is a one man cottage industry for libel lawyers. In the end Ezra doesn’t want to pay for the consequences of his actions. To wit he has a web page set up so you can give him money to a) help pay for an appeal and b) in failing the appeal, pay the judgment against him for him. Given that his supporters are gullible enough to believe someone who has be shown to be a bald faced liar, they are also likely gullible enough to fork over their cash so that poor, persecuted Ezra can pay the legal bills he’s racked up due to his own inability to tell the truth.

At this point it makes me wonder about those people still gullible enough to believe anything Ezra says. Are they really that out of touch from reality?

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