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  • Astronomy Picture of the Day (732)
    Daily astronomy picture as selected by NASA astronomers.
  • ATNF Pulsar Database (4,084)
    Database of known pulsars. Maintained by the ATNF.
  • Bradford Robotic Telescope (979)
    Link to the Bradford Robotic Telescope. You can tell this telescope to take an image for you.
  • City Deepsky Project (709)
    Link to the City Deepsky Project wiki. Provides a list of deep sky objects visible from inside a city. Also some general astronomy information.
  • Clear Sky Clocks (1,338)
    Link to the Clear Sky Clock website. An astronomer's forecast for places in North America on when it will be clear.
  • Common names for deep sky objects (787)
    Link to a SEDS page with the common names for several deep sky objects.
  • Daedalus Solar Radio Telescope (754)
    The Daedalus Solar Radio Telescope is an automated radio telescope operated at my house. It is a 40kHz solar flux radio telescope, this is the frequency of CME's at 1 A.U. so the telescope provides an indication of solar particles interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere and upper atmosphere.
  • Digitized Sky Survey (649)
    Space Telescope Science Institute Digitized Sky Survey (DSS). Plates of the sky from professional observatories.
  • Fringe Dwellers (831)
    Site which shows how to make a simple interferometer radio telescope.
  • General Catalogue of Variable Stars (1,168)
    The primary catalogue of variable stars. Location and variability information.
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