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Friday, January 22 2021 @ 09:14 MST

CPC = Corruption Party of Canada

Jason ramblingYears ago I used to hang out on FidoNet before the Internet made it big. One of the people I used to debate with, a rabid right winger, used to have the tagline "Rules are for other people." Now a bunch of us thought this was a little odd from a law and order kind of guy, so when asked, he simply stated that as a conservative he would never do anything that would be illegal so he didn't need rules. We thought he was full of it and if the actions of the current federal Conservative government are any indication, he probably was.

We have seen the Tories obfuscate their expenses for not one but two cabinet ministers, and I'm sure if people dig more ministers will have egg on their faces. We've had the PM and his cabinet colleagues if not outright lie, tell misleading statements. Conservative members of committees try to prevent accountability by attempting to block an investigation. So when asked, what does the PMO have to say about all this? Well, that accountability is for crooks and not for them. Which would seem to indicate that the Tories, like the guy I used to debate with, believe that they're above the law.

This feeling of being above the law is amazing, given the tough law and order stance the Tories like to show. It would appear that it's all just a facade. The Harper Conservatives, through their actions would appear to have a total disregard for the law and seem to think that it's OK to do so since, after all, they're not the Liberals. Unfortunately at this point they seem to have met the Grits and the Tories are on their way to sinking below where the Liberals were. What's impressive is that the Tories have only taken 16 months to do it. I have the feeling that the Canadian voter outside of Alberta is beginning to tire of the rapid fall into corruption that the Tories seem to be doing. This can't bode well for the Conservatives' chances at the polls. Also, given what's coming to light, some federal Conservatives may suffer the same fate that their provincial counterparts did in Saskatchewan.

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CPC = Corruption Party of Canada
Authored by: Anonymous onFriday, May 11 2007 @ 07:03 MDT
Which merely demonstrates that the CPoC, whatever its history in recent years, has not yet recovered from the Mulroney era.

- Grog