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Monday, March 08 2021 @ 03:35 MST

Yet More Harper Hypocrisy

Jason ramblingThey Stephen Harper hypocrisy just keeps on coming. It would appear that our beloved PM can't even follow his own laws. Someone tell me again how the current Tories are so much better than the Grits they replaced?

Perhaps the PM still believes that the rules aren't for him. So much for the law and order party. Someone needs to clue in the Tories that they'll find it hard to run on a law and order platform if they can't even follow their own laws! It all goes to show that Harper and his party only believe that other people should be law abiding. One has to wonder what other laws Harper and the Tories are breaking.

H/T to Grog.

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Yet More Harper Hypocrisy
Authored by: Anonymous onWednesday, August 06 2008 @ 07:18 MDT
And the beat goes on but what else is new in politics? Not much I'd venture. One of the great truths in life I have come to beleive is the fact that "Power Corrupts".

The rule I would suggest applies not only to the political parties but to daily life. We even see it rear it's ugly head in organizations that are supposidlly only formed around a mutual interest. I.E. - Model RR Clubs, Astronomy Clubs, Photography Clubs etc.

Such is the nature of the human anamal.

Longhaired old Fart